Friday, January 20, 2012

Extended Tab Prefold Tutorial

sewing machine (serger NOT required)
terry (cotton or hemp washed on hot at least once) - you may also use a prefold, though it is much harder to catch all the edges
prefold diaper, THOROUGHLY PREPPED
extended tab pattern

Choose the size of tab that best coordinates with your diaper.  Cut it out.  Fold your fabric in half with the WRONG sides together.  Lay pattern on top of the terry fabric.  The straight end of the pattern goes on the fold.  Trace the pattern.

If using a prefold, use the 4 ply outer sections.  Place the edge of the pattern on the fold.

Place a pin through the folded piece to hold it in place.

Cut the tab out.  Now it is time to pin it to the prefold.  Notice how my pins go through the fold of the prefold and the fold of the tab.

Set your machine to a zig zag stitch.  I use a length of 2.0 and witdth of 5.0.

Time to sew!  You will begin sewing at the base of the tab coming up to the top, connecting the two pieces together.  Place the center notch of the foot in the ditch between the two pieces of fabric.  Sew one stitch to make sure that your zig zag is wide enough.

Back stitch, then sew to the top of the diaper.  Note that the needle is off of the diaper.

Lift the presser foot and turn the fabric.  Sew around the tab until you meet your starting point.  Back stitch.

Repeat on the other side and admire your work!

infant prefold, prefold tabs, angel wing fold
This diaper is almost too small -
still fits great but he needs more absorbancy.

premium prefold, terry tabs, jellyroll fold
This diaper is a better absorbancy.
Notice how the tabs are angled down to get a good fit.

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